Promoting Integrated Natural Resource Management in the Tulare Basin Watershed





Welcome to TBWI

The Tulare Basin Watershed Initiative (TBWI) has a mission to promote watershed-based integrated resource management in the Tulare Basin watershed by connecting diverse stakeholders in the Tulare Basin with resources to build capacity for projects that enhance water supply, water quality, flood management and ecosystem services.  

TBWI Goal: Create a healthy regional watershed with ecologically functional waterways, wetlands and uplands that provide abundant clean water for both people and wildlife.

TBWI is led by the Tulare Basin Watershed Coordinator who works with the seven Tulare Basin Integrated Regional Water



News & Updates

Read the latest One Watershed articles. One Watershed is a series of eight articles with a mission to  raise awareness about the Tulare Lake Watershed and its unique attributes, challenges, and opportunities. From the snowy peaks to the valley floor, we are one watershed.

Learn about the Tulare Basin Watershed Connections Workgroup (WCG), a collaborative of natural resource managers working together to advance watershed planning and resource management in the Tulare Basin. Their work is rooted in sound science and mutually identified needs for regional economic and ecological sustainability.